edited 27/6/08

subsequent pictures were taken at the second disassembly.

she's coming apart after 4500 km (after initial total restoration). Everything looks as it should.

pretty good burn patterns...

...and clean combustion - no oil burning.

new valves this time. The old exhaust dont look too good, yet it worked well
and despite sloppy guides no detectable oil consumption. But it idles better now
and the starting compression is higher.

I had a nice pair of heads which I gave a work-over. Re-faced seats and new exhaust valves.

job done.

I prefer the old strong heads with the insert. The alloy quality faded away in the sixties
and forced a re-design. This led to the long threads.

these are the Ford Cortina rings, aftermarket kit  made inAustralia:
ACL in Maidstone, Victoria - sorry don't have a part number.

It looked as if this bearing had never been replaced and as it was still in top shape, I put it back.

I had an issue with the steering boss - the fork hit the frame on one side - this is the remedy.

I like leather - as you might have noticed!

this is my sauce-pan / Honda mower air cleaner. I reckon it looks rather noble. The filter has a washable
foam ring over a pleated paper element - a perfect combination. I use K&N filter oil on the foam.

the steel bracket under the tank looked a bit ratty, I replaced it with an alloy one. See my split tank hose?
This simplifies removing the tank. A little tricky, but saves it you from draing the tank.

this just looks nice. The leather gaskets take a while to settle. I keep tightening them after the 3 - 4 first rides.
Remember to be really gentle with the torque here - most carbs have horribly distorted flanges due to
overtightening. Spanner-two-fingertight is all it needs with the leather gaskets.

my stationery battery charger in action. I have removed the generator entirely - I just didn't
need it. I ride in the evenings when I've been out - no problem going a few hours with lights on.

I sometimes just sit there and look....