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My Anabelle - she is essentially a BMW R60, circa 1959 and a work in progress.

Different bikes have contributed to resurrect her - i.e. R68, R25/3, R50, R26 to R60 & R60/2,
yet her soul shines through bright and clear.

The bike (or better - the pile) arrived here in August 06. She was running, but very noisily. I decided to
rebuild her from the ground up. Just about anything that moves had to be redone - the village mechanics
had not done the machine justice!

During the next few months Anabelle was reborn from what I had, found on eBay or made up.
Putting her together and on the road required a few compromises as I could not find all
the bits I wanted at a reasonable price. But she is running now and goes very well indeed. She's a
real joy two-up and impresses the passengers: "Wow, what a bike!" or "Unbelievable, people had
these 50 years ago!"

Hopefully, over time, I'll be able to tell you the journey of her rise in these pages - stay tuned ...

Initial restoration:

More Pictures 

Questions and Answers   << updated  8/3/09
Tools  << updated  22/6/08

Restorations between km 4500 and 5000:

Camshaft & Gears  << new 18/6/08, updated  22/6/08
Making Gaskets  << new  22/6/08
Details 1  << new 27/6/08


Unbelievable    (have a look at Anabelle's headlight first)

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