edited 15/03/08

Two main shafts - top is from R25/3 in great condition, bottom is from my R60 with some
pitted teeth (can't see here). The R25/3 gearing was used in early R60 as sidecar trans ratio.
I put the complete set of the R25/3 gears in my tranny. I really like the ratios, especially 2 up in our
mountainous regions and around the city.

I needed to use all the original shafts (there are a few differences with the R25/3 shafts),
so I got to take everything apart and combine all the best bits. The selector rings needed swapping
and the shifter forks were badly worn as well through bad adjustment.

I feel really confident about these assemblies with all new bearings and good looking gears.
Bearings are cheap - I'd always replace them if things are apart. Same with the shaft seals.
Put in Viton seals and use Mobil or Shell sysnthetics.

Adjusting the shifter forks for perfect alignment. It's a really nice thing to do and not difficult at all -
very meditative. Again and again I was impressed with the engineering of the components - so
simple and logical, dare I say it: so German.
For this job you need a dentist's mirror to peek around the corner inside the gear box. In the idle
position adjust the shifter forks via the excentric mounting bolts for even gaps on both sides
of the shifter disks .

I cut my own gaskets - in this case from gasket paper.