edited 22/6/08

(this page is for the technically versed reader - you need to have worked in the motor to fully
appreciate the finer detail)

After 5000km testing of my crank mods and the oil filter it was time to inspect my work and invest
in better restoration of the valve drive.

used (eBay) set of cam gears. This time a late type with the 30 degree tooth angle.

improvements: dead-end holes to prevent the sometimes loosening pins from going anywhere. This mod
requires the use of a late model gear with 2 holes only, but not the matching breather disk, instead the second
generation breather disk with the 2 pressed-in pins which I shortened 2 mm. The holes in the gear are
drilled larger to accomodate made up rubber bushes to dull the noise this machanism makes.
(you can hear the clatter distinctly with the generator cover removed, rev higher than idle, warm engine).

bushes cut from fuel hose (one is inserted in situ) - made from Nitril high temp fuel hose,
I will have to see if they last...

the newer type gear needed a grove cut to take the securing ring. I machined it on my little
drill press with the end of a file - much like you'd use a wood lathe. You can see that the groove has
a V-shape rather than half round.

I decided to use an early camshaft - I didn't like the late narrow cam model, it puts decanting pressure
on the lifters.

This time I changed the front ball bearing to a C2. I had already changed the rear bearing to a cylinder roller FAG job.
The factory specs say C3, but I do not need the sloppy factory setup here because of the possible axial displacement at rear.

home made cam bolts - I don't give much for the slotted variety!

that's so much easier! (Locktite purple - had blue before but too hard to get out)

I fitted the drive gear last so that I could test the cam and the lifters for operation etc. I like to feel
how things move.

my oil filter works great - this simple test with roughly kickstarter speed reveals plenty of flow - that's
with a used filter and cold old (ready to change) oil.

further testing with everything in place by means of the kick starter - lube aplenty!

handy little things these chinese magnet holders