last changed 24/03/08

crank trueing on the cheap - I'm not showing you the big mallet - you'd be frighened.

crank alignement - red dot shows where it needed to be hit.

even though the right hand (front) bearing is impressive (axial locating), the other one is the more
amazing though! See further down...

new bearings are 7 mm wider - no real problem, as there is plenty of room with some minor mods,
improvements in part.

improvising- this works well! It's the 41 mm (1-3/8") socket for the fly wheel nut, a couple of
washers and a bolt.

a new alloy bearing lock - stiffer than the tinny original and conforms better to the heat expansion.
The copper jet actually sprays whereas the original dribbles. Look at the lovely R68 con rod!

rings of a Ford Cortina fitted perfectly - I prefer the 3 part oil rings,
always had good experience with them

this SKF toroidal bearing represents the most exciting recent development in bearing technolgy
- an engineers dream! SKF has a patent on this and I was lucky - they make a size that fits... sort of.
This bearing eliminates all axial creeping of the 2 journal seats. The continuous expansion
and contraction of the housing versus the crank is one reason for wear in the journal seats when ball
bearings are used.
The only axial pressures remaining are from the helical cam gears (minimal) and the clutch actuator.
Both are taken up by the very capable spherical double row roller bearing at front. I have left out the
third bearing near the generator as it's weight has dissapeared (see 'Electrics) and as it would disturb
the now perfectly determined system.

CARB bearing offset - that's how much it can move axially - plus it can do several degrees in angle at the same time!

following is SKF's rave about this bearing. The schematic of the shaft more or less describes our situation to the dot!

Viton where it matters. Flywheel is a little modded too - about 1 kg has come off at outer diameter.

while we are at it, some refinement here as well - the OEM camshaft also suffers from creeping bearing seats,
no longer! Think about it - the engine cases now can expand and contract as often as they like - no more stress
is put on the bearing seats. There is the potential for things to last forever.

slinger muck, I guess about a teaspoon full.

slinger cleaning, the final. BMW says: replace. But cleaning is fun and insightful.

forget about slinger cleaning forever? I'm hoping so - time will tell. Sofar (4000 kms)
it has done a lot of catching!

additional means of catching iron crap - hard drive magnets.