slash 5 sidestand - almost no modification - better than sliced bread! Also, the pan gasket is
a leather job - works extremely well. See the little steel bars under the pan bolts? Along the sides
I have continuous strips with multiple holes.

But I did had to make the spring work. Extended bolt with nut on the opposite side of the pan.

the clutch rod seal manufacturing plant - the verdict is still out on the effectiveness of the 3 o-rings
versus the original felt collector. So far so good - after 3000 km.

what the heck is that? All will be revealed further down.. Meanwhile, notice the steel ball on top of the
made up alu block.

the puller for everthing! The big one is a good quality German universal puller. The little one
is a Chinese job - it stood up amazingly well to this abuse by the German giant.

turning the engine assembly made easy and shiny new R26 forks via eBay - 80 bucks.

home made milling machine - a drill press & a chinese vice - 100 bucks the lot. The 12mm end mill was dear in comparison - made in USA of course.

making better sump plugs. The big strong magnets come from an arts supply.
Makes the Huggett job feel like a joke (sorry Mark).

no more nail biters! This one's a dud (in other words, there are no innards)

here it is - the answer to all your prayers. Standard oil pan fits - have a look in the
engine section for a little more detail

admiring the state of affairs.

thanks Honda and catering supplies! Can you work out what goes where?

got to have synthetic oils! Courtesy of DuPont's Viton.

my take on 'breathing' of the clutch (coughing up the dust that is) - a few extra holes.

these 2 babies just look so nice..

Simple torque rig - use a small ring spanner and 2 bolts to lock the flywheel to the crank
case, use one or two engine mounting bolt(s) to counteract force from the spanner that you
are going to use on the flywheel nut. The image doesn't show the carpenter's clamp to
hold the whole assembly to the bench.

guess what the gasket is made of ... (he other trick is to block the transfer of heat 
to the carb by insulating the nut also)