edited 24/03/08

My rear shocks can be disassembled (and repaired & cleaned!) - front ones not. Perhaps ALL later ones are welded?



You can see the (required) gap between the slinger and rear of case. Same for the front.

Crank with cleaned slinger and SKF toroidal bearing which is 7 mm longer than the OEM one. This required the flywheel cone to be
shortened (while is was on the lathe I asked the machinist to lighten it - see the markings). Because the toroidal bearing can have its
races offset axially, there is no need for the spacer between the inner race and the slinger. This saved a bit in length and allowed the
flywheel cone machined back by only 4mm. The Viton seal at the back of the crank case just fitted flush with the bearing carrier.
Lucky. Punch marks on the crank idicate that crank has been apart. The alignment however wasn't perfect.

Teaching a new case old tricks. Steel balls are good - they seal 100 percent and can be removed.
The slash2 cases had another oil drain location - the R60 cylinders I used have the old central oil return pipes.
The crank is from an R68 (I don't know the whereabouts of the other R68 parts - I wish I had the heads!)
with long I-profile rods and 20mm gudgeons. I had R60/2 pistons - compression should be close
to the intended ratio. Anyway it runs like a dream on standard petrol.

Heady stuff. See my simple valve spring lifter? Use with a carpenter's U-clamp (I will show you the details later on).

Next time round I put in tapers (already have them).